The main functional features of FormsLand are:

  • 100% flexible (we can adapt it as you want)
  • 100% customizable (fields, form presentation text, logo, layout, URL)
  • 100% integrable with other platforms (consult)
  • Multilanguage
  • Multi-device
  • Fields with logical jumps based on the response
  • Hidden fields (only appear if it makes sense for them to appear based on the answer above)
  • Download in Excel all the responses
  • Payment forms available
  • Allows you to upload documents and images in the form if desired
  • Intelligent tax identification type validation system (Europe)
  • Add your Google Analytics ID
  • Email notifications
  • Form start and end date with customizable time zone
  • Redirect from the Thank you page
  • Response statistics & keyword cloud
  • Conversion Funnel
  • Customizable legal and privacy text for the user to accept when sending the data
  • GDPR compliant and you can add the specific privacy legal text you want in the form
All of this makes FormsLand much better than many other form creation and survey tools on the market.